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Beck grew up all over. His father was a biologist, and sought work across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Moving around so much was difficult, and Beck found solace in books. He always thought his father's work was magical. That there was a microbial universe unseen to us, yet there all the time. Worlds within worlds. 

This led him down a path split between science and art. The raw and ethereal beauty of science fiction was too much to resist, and quickly, Beck began putting pen to paper, writing short stories and flash fiction pieces that challenged everything he knew about the world around him. Sometimes fantastical and sometimes starkly real, Beck's writing is a visual and emotional journey into the unknown sides of science fiction. Some say that blending genres and elements isn't what's done. And to that, Beck says that nothing is done until it is done. Because some may not be so bold, or so unafraid to dream that does not mean that it should not be tried. 

Beck has written professionally for nearly a decade, publishing works under a variety of psuedonyms and working in the writing industry as both an author and editor. His ideas don't have the sort of commerical appeal that big publishers might be looking for, but with the positivity and support he's received from the readers of his other work, he knows that there's an audience out there who are hungry for something different. And he's happy to provide. 

Beck's debut series, which he's been working on for nearly a decade, is nearing completion. And now, he's ready to unveil it to the world. 

Get ready for a journey that will challenge everything you know about science fiction. There's a long road ahead, but at the end of it lies Redemption. Are you ready to take the first step?